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Scariest in Screamforth - Issue 001 - Co


I LOVE discovering new art supplies and tools to help me make my art. Here are some of my favorites, maybe they'll change your process! Find out what works for you!


If I'm ever using something else not listed,

lemme me know and I'll post it!

Brush Pens

Pentel Pigment Ink
Brush Pen - Medium

Largest ink cartridge here, when squeezed its perfect for big areas. Also amazing thin to thick lines, but slightly harder to control. 

Zebra Fude
Brush Pen

Double sided Brush Pen gives you extra value with short and long sides. Mostly I use the short tip because of the BEST control for tight linework.

Pentel Pocket
Brush Pen

Classic. Very Popular. I enjoy it, but other artists are much better with it than I am (soon you too). I find it to be a Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

Copic Gasenfude
Brush Pen

Most love its compatibility with Copic Markers, but I just use it for Medium & Thick inking. They say it's disposable but I proved that wrong. Great Pen!

Kuretake No. 13 Fountain Brush Pen

Not gonna, lie. This is my favorite. Super small, aluminum shell, beautiful tip that gives AMAZING control with just a little bit of chaos somehow.

Kuretake Bimoji Cambio
Brush Pen - Medium

Still getting to know it, but I like it so far. Razor thin lines, then can really pour on the ink when pressure is applied.

Zebra Disposable
Brush Pen

Great entry level Brush Pen, but I still use them for advanced inking. The short tip gives INSANE levels of control for tight linework.

Kuretake No. 8 Fountain Brush Pen

Same pen as the No. 13, but instead of an aluminum shell, this has a longer plastic body. Cheaper, but still very good.

​Kuretake Bimoji Cambio
Brush Pen - Large

The bigger sibling of the medium. This line of brush pens has the potential to be my new favorite one day. We'll see.

Traditional Art Supplies

Dr. Ph. Martin's BLACK STAR India Ink - HICARB

The Masters Brush Cleaner

& Preserver

My fav ink. I'm no expert, but most say brush pens last longer when ink has MORE CARBON (hicarb). Also, other brands aren't this SUPER DARK.

Best brush cleaner for traditional brushes & nibs to ink and paint.

Water Bristles, Rub in Soap, Rub Bristles, Repeat 1-2 more times.


KP-310 Pencil Sharpener

Had it for YEARS and it works like a charm. Auto-Stop Function when it's done sharpening. If you like even older school models, I like this one.

Pentel Presto! Jumbo Correction Pen

The Masters

Hand Soap

The ULTIMATE correction fluid! Portable, Huge Cartridge, Cheap, and best of all ...Super Opaque! After it QUICKLY dries, ink over it!

Remove Ink Stains From Your Hands! Just add water! The answer to the age old question is HERE!

Sakura SumoGrip


Drafting (Duster)


I finally found an eraser that doesn't smear my inks or lighten them. The retractable one is my favorite.

DON'T SMEAR YOUR ART ANYMORE! After erasing pencils, you're left with eraser crumbs. Don't wipe with your hand, it will smear! Brush away clean!


Booklet Stapler

Making Zines or Comic Prototypes? Just fold papers in half and get easy, professional, EVEN stapling! Great for lower sized print runs.



Cintiq Pro 32

Direct to screen drawing. I was tired of hurting my back hunching over a 12" screen. It's pricey and large, but I use it constantly, so it's worth it to me.


Wireless Mouse

Cheap & Rechargeable. You can use it while recharging. Battery lasts forever. Best part: No small USB plug that sticks out or you can lose easily.

Wacom Ergo Stand

for Cintiq Pro 32

Because of the tablet's size, I advice buying some kind of stand (I got this one because of a summer sale) but there are other stand options.


Programmable Keyboard

Most used hot keys are spread across the keyboard. Why press three keys (Ctrl+Shift+Z) when one will do. Older model, research to find current one.


Surface Pro 4

My first personal experience with owning a direct to screen drawing system. There are lots of newer options out there so do research.

Brother Printer


Scans 11 x 17 Comic Pages, and prints (single sheet) on them too! Bought it in 2015 so you probably want to research something current.

Note Thy Dudes:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Doesn't cost you anything extra at all, just means if you pick up something

while you're shopping, they throw a few schmeckles my way.

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